January 7, 2021

Since November 3, 2020, the National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) has chosen to withhold public statements regarding the security and accuracy of the election results.

The violent events that unfolded yesterday, January 6th, at the nation’s capitol, explain the reason for our silence. In the midst of this political turmoil, it was clear our voices at NEDC would be lost in the storm of emotions, partisan calls for vengeance, and QAnon conspiracy delusions, in which we wished to play no part.

While we have long been among the most vocal critics of the privatized system of electronic…

David Becker

Facebook’s role in enabling Russian interference and disinformation in the 2016 election raises concerns about Mark Zuckerberg’s $50 million donation to the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), a small organization run by David Becker.

The choice to empower Becker troubled many election security advocates who know him as a serial purveyor of misinformation about the safety of electronic voting. Becker has provided cover to voting machine companies and elections officials who assure Americans their votes are safe when they use systems proven vulnerable to malfunction, fraud, and hacking.

A lawyer and former Director of the elections program at…

Amidst public health and security challenges, there are new nonpartisan tools to help companies get involved in the final days of the campaign

by Sarah Bonk and Ben Ptashnik

The Operation Vote Safe 2020 Action Map is an interactive dashboard to help election officials advertise their needs for specific materials and for companies to fulfill those needs.

There’s a growing consensus in America’s private sector: a smooth, secure, and accessible election is essential to our economic stability. Analysts at JP Morgan Chase recently concluded that the market will respond less to the question of which candidate is elected and more to the question of whether there is a well-administered contest with a clear result and peaceful transfer of power.

As members of the…

Operation Vote Safe is sending urgently needed masks and PPE to millions of voters enduring long lines during the pandemic.

With early voting lines up to 11 hours long, COVID-19 continues to endanger voters.

Operation Vote Safe is a national, all-hands-on-deck response by Business for America and the National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC), which is a 501c3 nonprofit charity.

Click here to donate now.

Click above to donate now to help us send PPE, equipment, and related supplies to areas in need where voters are putting their lives at risk in order to cast their ballot.

Visit www.Operation Vote Safe.org to learn more.

The results of the 2020 election will hinge as always on three swing states - Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin — which the intelligence community warns are active targets for foreign hackers whose attacks on the 2016 election were “a dress rehearsal” for 2020.

Less than two months from Election Day all three swing states still have voting systems that can be connected to the Internet.

The National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) is asking voters to take action by waging a public pressure campaign on elections officials in those states to disable all Internet connectivity immediately, and keep all systems offline…

Miami’s voters deserve the biggest, most accessible, safest polling places possible. The city has suffered enough as a global infection hotspot where over 2,600 Americans have died from COVID-19 this year. To protect voter health and voting rights, the American Airlines Arena must be designated as an early voting location for the city, and not the smaller, congested Frost museum, with its limited parking. The National Election Defense Coalition urges the city administration to reverse their misguided decision and accept the Miami Heat’s NBA franchise first-class arena for the safety and convenience of early voters, in 2020 and future elections.

Patricia McKnight/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Washington, D.C. — August 17, 2020– The National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC), Americans for Tax Reform, Public Citizen and Business for America have sent letters calling for immediate investment in cybersecurity, voter-verified paper ballots, and COVID-19 safety and security measures in ten states with vulnerable voting systems. The bipartisan coalition believes that the problems that manifested in many of the nation’s primaries offer a dire warning of what could happen during November’s election.

The National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) organized the letter…

National Election Defense Coalition

Leading the bipartisan movement to fight for Election Security, and protecting every citizen’s right to have their vote counted accurately.

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